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We are almost ready to show on this page a summary of Hotmelt glueing equipments and parts info.

Hotmelt glueing equipments and parts


HotmeltVision for all Hotmelt products and parts


HotmeltVision is available 24/7 for the delivery of Hot-melt adhesives, glue equipment and production machines.

Our 'Out-of-the-box' service, cleaning and maintenance actions can quickly restore production in the event of malfunctions.

Please feel free to contact us for more information via our contact page or telephone service.


We support the following brands of adhesive systems with our 24/7 services:

Nordson, Robatech, ITW Dynatec, Buhnen, HHS, Meler, UES, Slautterback, Valco / Valco Melton / Melton, Walco, Meltex, Mecapack, Apro, Graco, Dittberner, etc.



The effect of Hot-melt glue and glue equipment


Hot-melt / hot melt adhesive is a type of adhesive that can be melted together, available in various shapes and types.

As pellets / granules, 12 to 43mm rods, pillows / pillows, block shapes, or as 20/200 liter barrels.

At a correct temperature, a certain viscosity, adhesive strength, opening time and setting time will follow.

There are many types of Hotmelt adhesives, with different properties.

The abbreviations of the most famous Hotmelt adhesives are: E.V.A. , P.O. , P.A. , P.S.A. , P.U. and P.U.R.


A Hotmelt glue gun, glue melting machine / glue unit, or larger Bulk Melter takes care of the melting of the Hotmelt glue, and builds up the internal hydraulic glue pressure up to 80 bar by means of a pneumatic or motor driven gear pump / Gearpump.

The melted glue is transported by glue hoses towards the glue head with switching module and nozzle.

The glue unit also controls the temperatures of the glue hoses and glue heads up to an average of 170 ºC.


In addition to the glue hoses, glue heads with switching modules and nozzles, controls / pattern controller, encoders and photocells can be used, which often fully automate the application of the liquid hot hot melt glue at multiple positions on the end product.

the adjusted glue patterns can be various dot, stripe or spray / swirl or full surface glue traces, and can, if desired, solidify very quickly or very slowly on the end product, thus realizing the adhesion.


For more information click on the arrows or make your choice from the menu.

Also view the Selection Help page with info videos, to find the desired and required parts.

Please contact HotmeltVision for more information about our options.


Hot melt adhesive systems and brands


Which Hotmelt adhesive system is suitable for your situation?


In general, all Hot-melt adhesive systems work according to the same adhesive delivery principle.

Nevertheless, there are clear differences in format, coating, connectors, melting principles, read-out, extra options, etc.

Most glue units / melters are also available with 2, 4 or 6 outlets to connect the glue hoses and heads, while others glue systems provide a maximum of 2 outlets.


Do you opt for price, quality and / or logic?

We are happy to help you with your choice of purchase, and offer the possibility to deliver the following types and brands both new or used & tested.


Click on the desired link for more information and available products, or call HotmeltVision.

Hand glue guns come in various shapes and sizes. These are often used in manual productions, or can be used semi-automated if necessary.

Due to an adhesive reservoir, suitable for various Hotmelt adhesives, perfect for test and emergency situations.


Bühnen is a relatively young brand and supplies with the HB5010 series an affordable and popular adhesive system with a powerful gear pump as standard. Available in Nordson compatible version if required.

This glue system is extremely suitable in conjunction with 1 or 2 hoses with (Spray / Swirl) hand glue guns.

Nordson is the world's most famous brand and the market leader in Hotmelt adhesive equipment.

From the HM series from the 80's, the 2000 & 2300 series, the 3100, 3200, 3400 and 3500 Multiscan and Vista series, to the DuraBlue, ProBlue and Mesa 4, 7 and 10 and the PurBlue, DuraPail, VersaDrum 200Kg Barrel Melters.


Robatech is a renowned name because of its proven reliability of the

Concept A, B and C series pneumatic and digitally adjustable Hotmelt glue units with up to 8 outputs.

View our directly available tested and used adhesive units and possibly parts here.


ITW Dynatec is a highly innovative American brand with cost-saving ideas.

The Dynamini, S5, S10, S22 units include the Melt-On-Demand system, and may be Nordson compatible. The DynaMelt S5 or S10 Next Generation unit is also available as a 'Multi-Brand' glue machine.


Thanks to the merger of the Spanish Melton and the American Valco Cincinnati, Valco Melton is a well-known and renowned brand in Hotmelt adhesive equipment. The glue units D4, D10, D16, D4e; the EC4, EC8, EC14, and the NC4, NC8, NC16 are fully compatible with a Nordson system and are therefore highly recommended.

HHS, Meler, UES, Slautterback, Walco, Meltex, Graco, Apro, Ditberner, MAS Lambertoni, etc.

Many other brands are Nordson compatible, only possibly different in quality or options and function.

Let us advise on the various brands, prices and quality choice.


DrumMelters / Drummelters melt 2Kg bags, or large 20Kg to 200 Kg drums with (PUR) Hotmelt adhesives.

Especially the larger Hotmelt consumers use these Bag-Melter, Bulk-melter, Pre-Melter or Drum Melter systems to realize PU / PUR (PolyUrethane) glues, which can be extremely strong.

A Glue roller / Coater / Laminating system continuously delivers hot glue to the top of a roller due to the rotating action through an open Hot-melt glue reservoir.

With this one obtains a continuous full surface adhesive.


HotmeltVision supports all brands of adhesive systems:

Nordson, Robatech, ITW Dynatec, Buhnen, HHS, Meler, UES, Slautterback, Valco / Valco Melton / Melton, Walco, Meltex, Mecapack, Dittberner, Apro, Lambertoni, etc.


We also offer sale and rental options for used or demo glue equipment.


Click here for more info.


Hotmelt glue guns


Stand Alone manual Hotmelt glue guns


HotmeltVision supplies and maintains, in addition to the industrial larger Hotmelt adhesive systems, also a smaller form of Hotmelt adhesive systems such as the following Stand-Alone hand glue guns.

These have manual or pneumatic operation, and optionally an adhesive reservoir with a spray or swirl function.

Often used in manual applications, but also as a reserve for emergencies.

Thanks to a glue reservoir, these are very suitable for the use of various glue types and shapes.

See our spray and swirl hand glue guns info video.


HotmeltVision has many models in stock as standard.


Mechanical Hot melt handgun for 15 mm glue cartridges, with temperature cartridges to guarantee a stable temperature. These special 3M 15mm glue sticks / glue sticks are ribbed to generate an even easier feeding of the glue sticks. Call for more information with Hotmelt Vision.


Hot melt hand glue gun for 11.7mm / 12mm glue cartridges, with digital temperature setting, with which you can influence the adhesive strength and viscosity of the hot melt glue, and a mechanical manual control. The ± 12mm Hot melt glue sticks are available from us in various types and colors.


The logical successor to the 12mm glue stick devices are the ø 43mm handy glue guns.

With a 150 ml adhesive reservoir, these Stand-Alone devices can melt various sizes of adhesive and thus be used manually. In addition to the standard nozzles, we also supply special types of nozzles.


The Reka HV-MS200 mechanically operated manual guns provide even more comfort due to a 250 ml adhesive reservoir. This system can melt granules, flakes, pillows and 43mm adhesives, with which it is always handy and is for simple manual and test setups.


For regular use, a pneumatically driven Stand-Alone (Spray) hand adhesive system with an adhesive reservoir of up to 330 ml is recommended. For example, a Reka TR55 with LCD screen can make the difference in simple operation with a large adhesive stock. The compressed air realizes the molten adhesive as desired.


If desired, HotmeltVision can supply a pneumatically driven (Spray) manual adhesive system such as the Reka TR 80 with an adjustment station for an insightful precision control of the adhesive and spray quantity.

Also available for a (PUR) Hotmelt adhesive application. Check our Info video.


The pneumatic Buhnen HB710 Stand-Alone glue gun can also be used semi-automated.

This is available in Rups / Stripe, Spray or Swirl version and can process both Hotmelt and PUR adhesives.

Includes an LCD screen and optional holder for Semi-automated applications.


For real PUR Hotmelt applications, Hotmelt Vision recommends the hand glue guns created by Buhnen which can supply the PU glues with a stripe / bead, or spray / swirl as desired.

Optionally including an LCD screen and optional holder for Semi-automated applications.


If a Stand-Alone hand gun is no longer sufficient, we recommend an automated Hotmelt adhesive system, where a hand gun is connected to the adhesive hose.

Such as the Buhnen HB910, Robatech EasyStar, and the Nordson FP200, AD31 or AD41 hand glue guns.


Hotmelt Vision can supply various glue systems, glue hoses and hand guns completely according to your wishes.

We ensure that the adhesive equipment fits and works on an existing Nordson, Robatech, ITW Dynatec, Meler, Buhnen, Ues, Slautterback or Meltex adhesive system. Contact us for more information.


See our spray and swirl hand glue guns info video.

HotmeltVision also has many different types of nozzles available, with which the optimal glue pattern can be obtained from your hand glue gun.


Contact us for more information.




Bühnen, Hotmelt adhesive systems of German quality


Bühnen / Buehnen has been supplying Hot-melt adhesives and associated glue equipment since 1975.

From Hand glue guns with glue sticks, to Complete Hotmelt glue systems with glue granules or blocks, and the larger Bulk drum melters with drums of glue.

Bühnen can deliver it.

Thanks to innovative designs and favorable purchase prices, the Bühnen brand is growing strongly in the European market.


Hotmelt Vision has Bühnen certified personnel and is therefore ready to carry out maintenance and service work on Buhnen Hotmelt adhesive equipment in the BeNeLux.


Call directly for the right 24/7 service: 0031-33-4757288


Buhnen has released the new HB6050, HB6100, HB6200 Connect series Hotmelt adhesive systems in collaboration with Meler.

A digital controller with a smoothly operating touchscreen provides an easy-to-use glue unit.

With many useful functions such as password setting, timer, standby function, etc.


The HB5010 is Buhnen's most popular adhesive system. This is due to its modular construction, powerful gear pump, digital setting options and favorable purchase price. Perfect in combination with a HB910.

The perfect replacement for, for example, a Nordson DuraBlue adhesive system. Call quickly for more information.


Buhnen has brought the well-known HB6050, HB6100, HB6200 series to the market in collaboration with the company Meler.

A simple and affordable pneumatic piston pump driven adhesive system, with digital settings, a timer, and setback function. Also optionally available Nordson compatible.


Buhnen / Meler glue controls or Pattern Controllers such as the PC Star and the PC StarBi are affordable controls that can deliver the right glue line or dots for every requirement and at any speed.

Contact Hotmelt Vision for more information or to request a quote.


The Buhnen HB4008 and HB4022 systems are affordable 20L and 200L Pre-melters and Bulk / Drum melters.

These Bulk Melters can supply a large amount of Hot Melt Adhesive with constant amount.

Very suitable for Hotmelt large-scale users with wishes for PA, PO, POR, PU and PUR bonding.


The HB4050, HB4070, HB4100, HB4150, HB4200, HB4250, HB4450, HB4650, HB4800 glue systems are the larger BulkMelter, PreMelter and Bagmelter glue systems with possibly several powerful gear pumps.

Recognizable by the simple operation and blue metal solid housing.


The glue hoses and glue guns from Buhnen are known for their favorable price / quality ratio.

Glue hoses are available in various lengths and with swirl or stripe preparation for connection to the HB910 glue guns. Also available as Nordson Ni120 compatible via HotmeltVision.


Buhnen Hand glue guns like the HB710 with a glue reservoir work without an external glue system or hoses.

They function Stand-Alone, and have a digital LCD screen for correct temperature maintenance.

Very suitable for manual stripe and spray / swirl bonding work.


HotmeltVision is the certified technical Bühnen specialist for the BeNeLux.

In case of problems, questions or if you require assistance, we are available 24/7.


Visit our contact page for more information.




Nordson, the global market leader in Hot melt adhesive equipment


As a global market leader, Nordson uses acclaimed and proven adhesive systems concepts for everyone's needs.


The standard Hotmelt adhesive units are available with 2, 4 or 6 outlets and can be ordered both new and used.


Call directly for the right 24/7 service with: 0031-33-4757288.


Nordson ProBlue Liberty / Flex 4, 7, 10, 15 series are the latest standard Nordson Hotmelt adhesive systems. Digitally adjustable and easily expandable for multiple glue hose and application head outputs. Contact us for new requests, or click here for recently used ProBlue adhesive systems.


The MESA series Hotmelt glue machines are a slightly more unknown type of glue melters from Nordson.

This Hotmelt glue system was previously common with the BOIX tray formers and box closers.

HotmeltVision provides MOT and maintenance, and is ready in case of malfunctions of these MESA adhesive systems.


Nordson DuraBlue is a model that has replaced the air-driven plunger pump with a solid motor-driven gear pump for, among other things, a constant glue output.

This glue melting system has 2 glue hose outlets and is perfect for manual applications.


Nordson AltaBlue 4, 10, 16 TT is an adhesive system like the DuraBlue, with an additional motor / gearwheel control part that delivers a constant and transparent adhesive output.

This glue system has 2 or 4 glue hose outputs and is very suitable for manual applications.


A Nordson PurBlue 4 glue machine is one of the smallest full-fledged PUR glue melting systems.

The PU or PUR Hotmelt glue supplied in the bag is placed upside down, melted and finally transported by means of a gear pump / gear pump, through the heated glue hose to the glue head or glue roller.


The Nordson 3000 series is a very common pneumatic Hotmelt adhesive system.

This is available with both the analog microset multiscan and the digital Vista readout.

Sizes and models available in stock are: 3100, 3400, 3500, 3700, 3800, Vista, Vista TC, etc.


The 2300 Series adhesive melters are an older but still common Nordson adhesive systems.

For example, the 2302 and 2304 types are very simple and reliable Hotmelt glue units in terms of operation.

HotmeltVision supplies the correct maintenance, service and necessary parts such as pumps and tank filters.


VersaPail, VersaDrum and DuraPail, DuraDrum drum melter units are 20Kg or 200Kg Hotmelt bulk glue units, suitable for Hotmelt adhesives such as PU, PUR, EVA, PSA, etcetera. To supply 

Hotmelt glue rollers or large consumption production lines. Also view our stock of used barrel melters.


Hotmelt adhesive hoses are available at HotmeltVision in various lengths, cross-sections and designs.

There are different connectors for the older and newer models.

We are happy to help you with your choice, and can make hoses completely customized if desired.


In Nordson applicators and modules Hotmelt Vision also offers a wide range, such as the standard H201 / H401 single air applicators, ClassicBlue / SolidBlue / MiniBlue II double air applicators, with H400 or H440 / MiniBlue II double air switched Zero Cavity modules, or slotdie / drag heads, etc.


A Nordson Glue Control / Pattern Controller System ensures the correct amount of glue and positioning of the glue lines or dots by means of control systems such as the PC40, PC44, PC44C, LA 404, WM408, WM416, EPC15, Eclipse 15, EPC30, Eclipse 30, LogiComm GunDriver, Spectra 15, 30, EcoBead.


Circuit boards like P / N 1032542 can sometimes fail or become damaged. Then let Hotmelt Vision help. We can simply repair many printed circuit boards, and if necessary exchange the printed circuit board temporarily or permanently for a new or used board. Everything to limit production downtime.


Other Nordson items and parts.


Approach Hotmelt Vision in case of malfunction messages to Nordson Hotmelt adhesive systems such as F1 / RTD, F2 / UT, F3 / OT, ​​F4 / Fault, RD, AtE, or other messages if necessary. We are available 24/7!


You can also contact HotmeltVision for all other types of reports about or to Nordson adhesive equipment and adhesive controls.

We also supply complete glue controls / Pattern Controllers such as the PC40, Eclips 15/30, EcoBead, Spectra 15, 30 with accompanying manuals and personal instructions and explanations if required.


Watch here an extensive instruction video about all important parts of a complete Nordson ProBlue Liberty adhesive system including the automatic filling system / feeder, and AOAC MiniBlue 2 microheads applicators with ZeroCavity adhesive modules and nozzles.


Click here for direct contact with HotmeltVision.

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